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Won't pay my withdrawal


Verde casino scam... Hi, I recently signed up to Verde casino.... Everything was pretty standard no issues until I tryed to withdraw,..... I withdraw $200 and ever since they have been mucking me around for nearly a month, it tool 2 weeks to verify, and once I was verified and pending withdrawal accepted (on the 16/04/23) I got the standard up to 5 days wait until shows in my bank account etc!...that 5 days has come and gone and I cannot get a reason why it hasn't been put in2 my account, all the live chat says is its another 5 days ?(???) And to wait... it's 4 more days now and no sign, what is my next step?plz.. Kind regards Mathew Slater


Hello, send me the personal E-mail that you have registered the casino.

paid 50 USD
our debt 480 USD

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