What the hell is going on in Ice casino?

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What the hell is going on in Ice casino? This is just hell, not an online casino! I don't know how this could happen, but I was completely deceived and brought to my knees by these terrible scammers! In the beginning, I decided to try my luck at Ice casino . Made a deposit and started playing. And I thought that I was lucky - I started to win! But as soon as I decided to request a payout of my winnings, it started! They, of course, demanded documents for verification, this is in order. But what the hell? Yes, at first I made a mistake and provided incorrect documents. It was just a misunderstanding and fault on my part, but I corrected myself! I submitted new documents, everything was in order, and I hoped that everything would be smooth now. But no! They blocked my account! My honestly earned victory was simply taken away! What a hellish attitude to the players? I spent time and money to try my luck and instead of getting my winnings, I get blocked and ignored! I reached out to them through every possible channel - email, online chat. But what did I get in return? Nothing! They just ignore me like I don't exist! It's just nonsense! Now I'm sitting here, clenching my fists in anger and resentment, and asking you for help. Deal with it and get my money back.


Hello! We deeply regret the difficult situation you have experienced at Ice casino. Your reaction is understandable, and we are ready to help to resolve this problem. First, we need to get some more information about your case: 1. Ice account number casino . 2. Details of your first payout request, including amount, payout method, and request date. 3. Details of the second payout request, after which your account was blocked. Any correspondence with Ice support Casino, including emails and chats. Upon receipt of this information, we will begin a detailed investigation into your case. CasinosInCanada Support Team

paid 50 USD
our debt 480 USD

Sent everything. I understand that it's my own fault. But you can somehow treat humanly. The mistake was accidental, I wasn't going to cheat, and what's the point of cheating? I'm not taking other people's money!!


Thanks for the details provided. We're doing a thorough investigation with Ice Casino and will keep you updated.

paid 50 USD
our debt 480 USD

Good afternoon, It is clear from our investigation that your account was suspended after you submitted updated versions of documents that did not match the previous ones. The casino's security system may have reacted to a change in the submitted documents after your initial request and regarded this as fraudulent activity. Such fraud with documents violates the rules of the casino and your account has been blocked in accordance with the rules of the casino. However, during our dialogue with representatives of Ice Casino, we managed to ensure that you could withdraw your funds and that the error with the documents was not special. A letter from the casino will be sent to your mail, where you will need to follow the instructions in order to receive your winnings. We have also made sure that you can continue to play at the casino, but you will need to create a new account and provide the correct documents right away. Access to the old account will be unavailable. Support Team CasinosInCanada

paid 50 USD
our debt 480 USD

I see... thanks for solving the problem!! I understand that it’s my own fault, but why couldn’t it have been so normal to solve the problem right away and I needed to be nervous?! Thank you for your help and everything. Responded to a letter from the casino, requested money for payments. And at the expense of a new account - I'll think again !!

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