I've encountered a highly strange and unpleasant situation at Vibe Casino

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Hello! I've encountered a highly strange and unpleasant situation at Vibe Casino, which seriously undermined my trust in the fairness and transparency of online gambling. The thing is, after a series of successful blackjack games, where I managed to win around $1200, they suddenly refused to pay me, citing a violation of gaming rules. What's most frustrating is that they didn't provide any specific details or explanations of what exactly my violation was. I know the rules of blackjack perfectly well and I'm confident that I didn't break any of them. All my bets were made in accordance with the casino rules, I didn't use any prohibited techniques or strategies. When I tried to clarify the situation with customer support, they just repeated that the decision was final and not subject to appeal. It seems to me that the casino simply doesn't want to pay out my winnings. I'm reaching out to you for help and support because I don't know what else I can do. Could you help me figure this out and restore justice?


Good day. Unfortunately, we have to state that Vibe Casino is on our blacklist (https://casinosincanada.com/blacklisted/) and has been for a long time. The casino deceives its players and doesn't even hide it. We have repeatedly contacted them with complaints from other players, but the casino completely ignores it. Unfortunately, in this situation, we are powerless. We recommend that you only play at trusted casinos from our list (https://casinosincanada.com/casinos/fully-trusted-casinos/), as you won't encounter such problems with them. And even if any situation arises, we guarantee to return all lost funds. Support Team Casinos in Canada

paid 50 USD
our debt 480 USD

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