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Hello, I registered at Qassino Casino but did not receive my winnings of €3000. I played in the casino without bonus money and didn't break any rules. When I got verified and wanted to withdraw my winnings, there were problems with the casino because I deposited with a credit card that unfortunately I couldn't withdraw to. Unfortunately my credit card did not accept deposits. I was able to withdraw a total of €100, which was processed from my credit card, but everything else was then declined. So there are still €2900 in my account. So I contacted the casino and asked for an alternative. After much back and forth, the casino agreed that I could also use cryptocurrencies as a withdrawal method. So I requested my next withdrawal via crypto, which has now been unprocessed for 16 days. The casino's statement was that the payment provider had informed the casino that I had allegedly initiated a chargeback on my deposits. Since this is absolutely not true, I wrote to my credit card provider and received an official statement that I have not initiated a chargeback on my deposits and have also attached a transaction list to the casino showing that no chargeback has occurred. So it is clear and proven that I have never initiated a chargeback of my deposits. The casino told me 12 days ago that they have sent the evidence to the payment provider and will get back to me when there is an update. Unfortunately I haven't heard anything since. The live chat no longer responds to me and the casino has not responded to multiple requests for an update. I have not done anything illegal, have always been friendly and cooperative with the casino, and have provided all requested documents directly. But now I'm worried because I'm no longer receiving a response from live chat because the casino no longer responds to my emails and doesn't receive my money. I would appreciate your support. I just want to receive my winnings. Thanks in advance.


a person contacted me via whatsapp, the account is registered at the casino by E-mail - I took off all the necessary screenshots. We do not have this casino in the rating, but it will appear in a few days, I will contact the casino representatives after that and ask you to pay the winnings, if they do not pay, then we will add the casino to the blacklist.

paid 50 USD
our debt 480 USD

The casino says there are some problems with payment provider and don’t know when it will be resolved. I‘m waiting since 3 weeks, nothing happens. Support did not answer my emails since 2 weeks. Just some information from the live chat. They tell me I will 100% receive my winnings, but there are problems to ‚some users‘ Don’t know if this is just an excuse or if they are real problems. Please find attached conversation with live chat. They always tell me I need to be patient. I try to be kind and respectful.


Some other Livechat conversation that I will receive my winnings ‚definitely‘

#3734 Added the casino to the blacklist. I will now contact the representatives of the casino, if you do not receive the money within 5 days, the casino will remain on the blacklist and I will write a big article on how they cheat players.

paid 50 USD
our debt 480 USD

Thank you so much.


Hello, ist there an update in my case? The 5 days are over and they did not processed my withdrawals. I also did not receive any answer to my emails from the casino. They completely ignoring me.



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