Chariot themed slot machines

Sword of Ares
RTP 94.05%-96.40%
Sword of Ares
By Pragmatic Play

Chariot Themed Slots

Chariot-themed slots offer a thrilling journey back in time to the epic era of ancient civilizations, where these majestic horse-drawn vehicles played a pivotal role in warfare, racing, and daily life. These slots typically feature iconic chariots, adorned with intricate designs and driven by valiant warriors or powerful gods. The themes often evoke the grandeur of ancient Rome, Greece, or Egypt, where chariots were a symbol of power and glory. Chariot-themed slots not only capture the essence of these historical periods but also provide exciting gameplay with thrilling bonus features. Whether you're a history enthusiast or simply seeking adventure on the reels, these slots offer an exhilarating and visually stunning gaming experience that can transport you to the days of ancient chariots and heroic feats.  

Top Chariot themed Slot Machines

The Chariots of Fire video slot, created by Rival Gaming, a company known for "keeping things simple," is another straightforward slot machine. Since no game by the brand that would be referred to as that has ever been produced, when we say basic, we don't always imply low quality. We are referring to the win lines' playability and the reels' seeming variety. Even while we like simplicity, we understand that some players will want more value for their money, therefore we'll be honest with you and admit that this online slot has a low variance.

 We'll go on to our review and discuss the payouts as those that are remaining are undoubtedly serious about playing this game for real money. Given that the interface is of the low limit sort, there aren't any high-paying instant prizes available here in terms of money gain. But high rollers have been made from lower stakes players, so we shouldn't write off the pay table just yet. 

If you wish to start the free spins, which are undoubtedly the best element of this game with prizes, you'll need the icon of the lead Roman soldier. Since the volatility doesn't feel very sharp, getting such a bonus shouldn't be too difficult, but since the RTP is yet unknown, we can't guarantee that all gamblers will suffer equally. 

However, after landing the icons on the proper reels, you'll be given 8 spins, each of which will apply a multiplier of x2 to the wins. As we've already mentioned, this isn't a high stakes game where you can rack up tons of coins; rather, it's a gradual ascent to wealth. 

As we examine Rome and Egypt, a dollar slot from WMS, we'll lay Chariots of Fire to rest for the time being. Those seeking extra features should like the appearance of mini games in addition to spins, which this game appears to give slightly more than what Rival has provided. But doing so has a cost, and that cost is the loss of mobile compatibility, which many people won't like. 

Although neither of these games is the best one can find, what fun would there be in merely showing you the best slots? You see, the lesser-known reels, the ones that get off to a good start but then lose steam, are just as playable, albeit perhaps not as exciting. 

Rival Gaming Slot Provider 

Rival Gaming, a prominent slot provider, has demonstrated its creative flair in crafting some of the most engaging Chariot-themed slots in the industry. With a commitment to capturing the grandeur of ancient civilizations and the thrilling spectacle of chariot races, Rival Gaming's Chariot-themed slots immerse players in a world of historical glory. These slots typically feature beautifully designed chariots, fearless charioteers, and the atmosphere of ancient coliseums. Rival Gaming not only pays homage to the rich history of chariots but also offers captivating gameplay with exciting bonus features, making every spin a journey into the past filled with excitement and potential rewards. Their dedication to blending historical authenticity with entertaining slot experiences solidifies their reputation as a top choice for players seeking an epic and visually stunning Chariot-themed gaming adventure.

Why Play in Chariot Themed Slots? 

Travel back in time to the ancient world and immerse yourself in the epic atmosphere of chariot-themed slots. These games take you on a majestic journey through history, where chariots, gladiators, and grand arenas come to life on the reels. With each spin, you'll sense the grandeur of ancient civilizations and the thrill of chariot races. Whether you're a history buff or simply seeking a majestic gaming experience, chariot-themed slots promise an immersive journey through the magnificent and legendary era of antiquity.