Easter themed Slots

Starlight Christmas
RTP 94.05%-96.5%
Starlight Christmas
By Pragmatic Play
Easter Eggspedition
RTP 78%-96.29%
Easter Eggspedition
By Play’n GO
Easter Island
RTP 96.1%
Easter Island
By Yggdrasil

Slot Machines about Easter

Christians, who so celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, view Easter as their main holiday. Religious themes are typically avoided in casino software since, in the minds of the majority of people, gambling and religion do not combine well. The popularity of Easter, however, extends somewhat beyond the realm of religion, and several businesses were compelled to create games in honor of this joyous occasion.

Online casino video slots about Easter

For the readers, we have created a review of a number of these models. It's important to note that we don't necessarily recommend testing them. You should stop reading the post if the mere mention of the word "Easter" in relation to gambling makes you squirm.

However, in the models examined below, this event is shown as a secular one with painted eggs, Easter cakes, and, of course, a rabbit that originated in Western customs as its key features. These games include not even the tiniest suggestion of religion or the church.

Let me say it again: very few software developers have made a name for themselves with video slots and other models specifically devoted to this subject. We selected several slot machines and one scratch card after eliminating old and, quite frankly, subpar ones. A brief overview of each is provided below, and the links provide access to in-depth evaluations of the games.

Easter Cash Basket

Pariplay's Easter Cash Basket is a fantastic Easter-themed slot machine. This is a five-reel slot machine with several picture types, lots of combinations, lovely colors, subdued soundtrack, an easy-to-use interface, and numerous customizability choices.

The bonus round of the Easter Cash Basket video slot, which is brought on by three unique symbols, is the game's highlight. On a separate screen, Easter baskets can be seen. Out of the eight options, you can select four. There are numerous coefficients behind them. They are multiplied by the overall wager to determine the ultimate payoff.

Easter Surprise

The "oldest" game addressed in the review is this one. Easter Surprise first emerged in Playtech-powered casinos a few years ago, but it remains a popular game. They are drawn in by its attractive design, wide range of options, great payout percentages, and overall relaxing atmosphere.

It has unique symbols, a bonus game with a theme, a doubling round, and other things. There are quite a few combinations, and the payouts are enormous on them (up to x10,000).

Additionally, an instant Easter Surprise Scratch lottery is available in many institutions using this brand's software. It is a digital equivalent to genuine scratch cards, where you must remove the protective layer to see if you are eligible for a payout.

The ability to select the ticket denomination and initiate the autoplay mode distinguishes the online version from the offline prototypes. Three matching symbols must be arranged in a row on a lottery card for it to be a winning one.

With just a few launches, you will be able to learn the regulations without any issues.

Easter Eggs

Let's now discuss the growth of the Play'N GO business, whose experts are capable of producing extremely unique and vibrant models. They have unveiled yet another breathtaking novelty with an intriguing collection of features, such as highly lucrative special symbols, free spins with boosted payouts and other advantages, a bonus round with a video slot theme, and a traditional risk game.

The advantages of the Easter Eggs model are:

  • fairly high theoretical return,

  • very bright graphics

  • funny characters (rabbit and other pets)

  • and a user-friendly interface, which can be understood in any language

You can easily find a casino where you can test a video slot for free without registration.

Easter Feast

GamesOS (CTXM) did not lag behind and unveiled the intriguing new item Easter Feast. We loved this model because it had an innovative design, eye-catching graphics, and animation effects. It also had a welcoming and useful control panel, an easily understandable explanation of the rules in the paytable, and, of course, a great selection of gameplay possibilities.

The video slot draws players in because it offers two bonus rounds simultaneously. You will engage in combat with colored eggs in one of them, and you will search for a rabbit wearing a magician's hat in the other. The game also offers some special photographs with additional features that will make the procedure much more exciting.

The base payouts are not very high, but there are many combinations.

Play’n Go Easter Themed Slot Developer

Play'n GO has firmly established itself as one of the premier game providers for Easter-themed slots, offering a delightful and diverse collection of games that capture the festive spirit of this joyous holiday. Renowned for their commitment to delivering top-quality gaming experiences, Play'n GO ensures that players can immerse themselves in the enchanting world of Easter.

Their Easter-themed slots often feature vibrant and colorful graphics, coupled with engaging gameplay that incorporates cherished Easter symbols and traditions. Whether players are on the hunt for Easter eggs, enjoying the company of adorable bunnies, or savoring the delights of Easter feasts, Play'n GO's Easter-themed slots provide a festive and entertaining gaming experience that resonates with holiday enthusiasts and slot players alike.

Why Play in Easter Themed Slots?

Celebrate the joy of Easter all year round with Easter-themed slots that immerse you in the festive atmosphere of springtime renewal. These games offer a delightful escape into a world of colorful eggs, cute bunnies, and blooming flowers. With each spin, you'll feel the warmth of the spring sun and the excitement of Easter egg hunts. Whether you're a fan of Easter traditions or simply seeking a cheerful gaming experience, Easter-themed slots promise an immersive journey through the spirit of the season.


These are undoubtedly not the only fun Easter-themed slot machines available in contemporary casinos. Additionally, there will probably be new models on this subject in the future. Tell us about any high-caliber holiday-themed video slots you've tried in the comments if they weren't featured above.