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Marvel Slots

The American corporation Marvel Comics publishes possibly the most famous comics in the world. DC Comics, the publisher of Superman and Batman, is the only company that can be regarded as a legitimate rival to Marvel. The Walt Disney Company has owned Marvel since 2009.

Characters like Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, the Hulk, Daredevil, Iron Man, Ghost Rider, Thor, Daredevil, Captain America, and the X-Men are just a few that may be found in the magnificent Earth-616 universe that Marvel writers and artists have created.

Cryptologic video slots about Marvel heroes

Producers of software for online casinos do not bypass products that are in demand among the general public. The first company to pay attention to Marvel comics was Cryptologic, which in 2005 acquired the rights to use characters from Marvel comics in their games.

Soon video slots about superheroes were born, stories about which millions of people around the world grew up.

The calculation turned out to be more than correct. The boys who stood in long lines twenty or thirty years ago for a new Ghost Rider or Captain America magazine have grown up, got rich and become customers of online casinos.

Marvel comics slot machines

Video slots dedicated to popular graphic novel characters have been a resounding success. Bright, colorful, original - they were enjoyed not only by fans of the genre, but also by fans of multi-line slots.

In addition, they are constantly growing multi-level progressive jackpot, adding excitement to the already exciting gameplay.

Not so long ago, Cryptologic extended its contract with Marvel Comics. This meant that fans were waiting for new slots about their favorite characters.

Playtech slot machines about Marvel heroes

However, for some time now not only Cryptologic has been releasing slot machines about heroes from the pages of Marvel comics. A couple of years ago, a no less reputable software manufacturer, Playtech, also received similar rights.

Fans are faced with a difficult choice, because both companies produce really high-quality games, and it is not easy to give preference to the products of one of them.

The main advantage of Playtech is that its software is used by many more popular online casinos. This allowed their slots to quickly compete with the machines from Cryptologic.

Fantastic Four

Who didn’t dream in childhood to get some incredible abilities to fly into space like a rocket, or turn into an invisible man, or maybe turn into a mountain and defeat hordes of enemies with his stone fist? Some dream, while others make such dreams come true ... Perhaps not in reality, but simply on paper, and in the form of a comic book, but the main thing is that by drawing their fantasies, the creators of comics infect crowds of fans around the world with their excitement and fantasy game, and then they become no less popular than the heroes of their comics! The heroes of the Fantastic Four flew into space, and returned to Earth, endowed with incredible powers.

For example, scientist Reed Richards aka Mister Fantastic stretches his body to an incredible size! It can take on different forms, or it can crawl into the eye of a needle. The density of the body can also vary from elastic to superdense. Also, Reed cannot be poisoned, because he is unique!

Susan's most powerful weapon is the ability to create force fields and move objects, although she is called the Invisible Lady, for her ability to become invisible or make others invisible. With force fields under your feet, it's easy to move anywhere, even underwater!

The creature is incredibly durable, while not losing dexterity and agility, and Johnny (Human Torch) controls the power of fire, flying at the speed of sound and the ability to make explosions!

Fantastic Four is a 5-reel, 20-line slot, provided by online slots manufacturer Playtech and designed for die-hard fans of Marvel comics. The Fantastic Four movie was based on the comic. A similar slot was also developed by Cryptologic, but there it is made a little differently. You can try and compare both slots.

The Fantastic Four slot machine has a fantastic appearance! Both the overall impression and the animation of each character is incomparable. Music becomes another advantage of the game. It fits very well into the overall picture and only adds to the attractiveness of the gaming slot.

Iron Man

The story of the brilliant inventor Anthony Edward Stark, who, dressed in a special suit, turns into a superhero nicknamed Iron Man, was told to the world by Stan Lee, screenwriter Larry Leiber and artists Jack Kirby and Don Heck from Marvel Comics. It happened back in 1963, when this character made his debut on the pages of the 39th issue of the Tales of Suspense comic.

Readers fell in love with Iron Man, and feature and animated films were made based on stories about him, and Cryptologic, having signed a contract with Marvel, released the Iron Man slot machine.

Iron Man is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot with Marvel progressive jackpots. It also features a bonus game and special Substitute and Scatter symbols. The bet per line can be from one cent to five dollars. Therefore, high rollers will be able to bet up to one hundred and twenty-five dollars per spin.

Payouts in the Iron Man slot are awarded for combinations of three or two (depending on the symbol) or more of the same symbols. They must stand on the active line and adjacent reels, starting from the first one on the left. The exception is the Scatter symbols. They form combinations according to other rules. The highest multiplier x6000 pays five Wilds.

There is no risk game in the Iron Man slot. In the training mode, the game goes by absolutely the same rules as for real bets.

Marvel slots from other providers

If you come across slot machines based on Marvel comics in online casinos on the platform of other manufacturers, do not be surprised. Many establishments acquire the rights to use certain slots, even if the main part of their range of games is the products of other companies.

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