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Slots About Pigs

A pig is not at all an ugly creature, despite what you could name someone who you find ugly. Check out these pig-themed video slots to meet these amusing and adorable little creatures in person if you want to see for yourself.

Pigs have an entirely new side that you've probably never considered, even though humans mostly use them for food. As they provide you with a distinct viewpoint on these creatures, these pig-themed games will aid you in achieving your goal. Once you have encountered both many fictitious characters who resemble pigs in these games as well as real pigs in their natural environment, you will likely change your perspective on pigs completely.

Piggy Riches

The Piggy Riches slot can be described as a pig with spectacles and a top hat, plus tons of cash and fashionable attire. Once power and wealth are added to the equation, players will observe that pigs change into a new animal.

Piggy Riches by NetEnt, which has five reels and 15 fixed paylines, presents an extravagant show of wealth that is typically only seen in the homes of the extremely wealthy and well-known. Piggy Riches offers fun gameplay that will keep you engaged and amused simultaneously.

The Piggy Riches slot transports us to the estate of extremely wealthy pigs, complete with flashy cars parked in front of the mansion and pockets full of cash, creating a flamboyant scene indicative of their real power and fortune. The major theme of Piggy Riches is riches, and there is plenty of it to go around.

Mr. Piggy, the most despised figure in the game, serves as the Wild symbol, which can be used to create fantastic winning combinations by exchanging all symbols except for Lady Piggy, the Scatter sign.

When three or more scatters appear anywhere on the reels, free spins are given. Players can select the amount of free spins and the associated multiplier from a variety of settings before the free spins bonus round begins. Additional scatters landing on the reels during this round add an extra free spin to the total. Up to 28 free spins and 6x multipliers are available to players.

Journey To The Wealth

Prepare to follow a group of individuals and animals on their quest for wealth. A beautiful online slot game called Journey To The Wealth was created and published by PG Soft and is based on Chinese tales. It has enticing cartoon-like aesthetics with intricate 3D-like logos, transparent reels, and animated characters that are situated beneath the reels.

The 30 paylines are present on the 5 reels of Journey To The Wealth. This intriguing online slot machine has eight standard symbols: a king, four playing card symbols, a pig, a monkey, and a strongman with a mustache. The Wild symbol is the one that offers the game's biggest payout.

When it can assist a player in completing a winning combination, this symbol also has the power to substitute any missing basic symbols. A scatter sign is the golden scroll. To start eight free spins, you must first land three of these symbols. The players can also activate the respin option, which will change one of the characters into an additional wild symbol.