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Slots About Tigers

Although these lovely animals could be harmful in the wild, they are undoubtedly safe when playing online slots. Additionally, they go out of their way to assist you in triggering winnings and bonuses as the reels are rolling.

These ferocious animals roam the jungles in the real world, displaying their beauty and might, and in these video slots, they appear directly on your screen to produce the highest jackpots. Slot machines with tiger themes have icons that include many varieties of tigers and other jungle animals, and occasionally the tiger is even pitted against other animals like bears.

These slots offer furious action and plenty of opportunities to catch the big fish, and they accurately reflect the incredible speed and power with which tigers attack in the wild. To show how wild the jungle can be, simply line up the tigers and launch the feature games and bonuses, which pay out several times your initial wager.


The perfect moment to write another fantasy novel with an Asian theme is now. IGT created and published the online slot machine game called Dragonsphere. Beautiful cartoon-like graphic elements, such as 3D-like icons, purple reels, and numerous special effects on the reels, are present in this slot game.

The 50 paylines and 5 reels are features of the Dragonsphere slot machine. Each player will uncover intriguing symbols on the game's reels, including rings, necklaces, pandas, gold pots, tiger treasure chests, and more. There are, of course, additional unique symbols. For instance, the golden sphere serves as a wild symbol that can be used to produce winning combinations in place of other symbols.

Until it is eliminated, the wild sign can persist for a few turns. You must land at least three treasure chest symbols to start the Free Spins feature, which can grant you up to 20 free spins. These are the Scatter symbols, and they can appear anywhere. The dragon feature can also be accessed by placing a larger wager on your subsequent spin.

What Tiger Slot Machines Are the Luckiest to Play?

You can become an instant billionaire after just a few turns on the Lucky Tiger slot machine. That is as a result of the wide variety of bonus features available. To start taking advantage of tasty added features on various tiger slot machines, see the list below.

Lady Tiger

This tiger-themed slot machine from KA Gaming has five reels and 50 paylines, as well as bright, comical graphics and a background with a forest theme. Regular playing card emblems include a red panda, a fox, a goat, a small bird, and of course Miss Tiger.

9 Tigers

The 9 Tigers is a visually stunning game that introduces you to various tiger varieties that live someplace in the Far East. There are eight paylines and three reels on this tiger slot machine. Interestingly, there are only two symbols on it. The first is a blue tiger, which stands for water, and the second is an orange tiger, which stands for fire. You must match a predetermined number of symbols in order to win. A tiger slot bonus of nine free spins is awarded when a fire or water tiger lands on all places of the reels.


You'll go back in time and encounter some of the most ferocious prehistoric creatures in this tiger slot. A prehistoric jungle backdrop, five neutral-colored reels, sparkling icons, and high-quality images will delight you. Sabertooth has a good number of the standard symbols. Cherries, a plum, a pear, an orange, a spearhead, a watermelon, a necklace, a mammoth, a mouse, and a dodo bird are among them. The wild symbol, which looks like the face of a Sabertooth tiger, replaces other icons to complete winning combinations.