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Slots About Trolls

Although trolls are renowned throughout Norse mythology as being ruthless small animals hiding under bridges, they are anything but in the Trolls slot machine game from Net Entertainment. The protagonists of this 5-reel, 20-payline adventure through an ancient Norse home are cute, happy, even smiling trolls. The Golden Wild feature, which is the quickest method to increase your bankroll, boosts your prize by four when it completes a winning payline in this game.

About Trolls

Trolls is a 20-payline slot machine with a fantasy theme by Net Entertainment that offers prizes up to 120,000 coins. Your rewards are tripled during the Trolls free spins feature, which is triggered by spinning three or more scatter symbols. Watch out for the golden wild on the center reel, which multiplies winning lines by 4x! The wild symbol also doubles the value of each payline it completes.

When you were a child, do you remember those cute, small toys with the wild hair? The trolls in this video slot, however, are much different. These are more of the sinister sort, and these are just a few of the creepy cast of characters that this magical game has created to take you to another realm. Take your potions and wizard's wand before entering the slot's enchanted woodland.

The Trolls' Treasure

The Trolls' Treasure from ReelPlay could be a good option if you've ever been browsing the Norse folklore part of your local slot machine selection and had a hankering for something that didn't contain divinities or heroes. To be clear, The Trolls' Treasure isn't exactly one of them if you favor large, hulking, sledgehammer-style games with a strong sting in their tail. Before using your browser's back button, pause and give us a chance. The Trolls' Treasure isn't a monolith, but it does have a certain charm, and under the right conditions, its mix of inexpensive bonus buys and reasonable stats might be appealing. There is only one way to learn.

The appealing graphics in The Trolls' Treasures were what initially made me smile. The game is located on a trail that meanders through a lush outdoor area that is bordered by mountains, trees, and rocks that are covered in snow. When you're up high, have you ever heard the eerie whistling sound of wind as it passes past a group of pine trees? If so, The Trolls' Treasure has a whiff of what Kant could have called the sublime—that unsettling outside, lofty feeling. Okay, so maybe we went a little beyond there, but it's still a gorgeous picture.

Why Play in Trolls Themed Slots?

Enter the mystical and whimsical world of trolls-themed slots that immerse you in the atmospheric charm of these legendary creatures. These games transport you to a realm of enchanted forests, mischievous trolls, and fairy-tale adventures. With each spin, you'll feel the magic of folklore and the thrill of encountering mystical beings. Whether you're a fan of fairy tales or simply seeking a dose of whimsy, trolls-themed slots promise an immersive journey through the enchanting and mythical world of trolls.