Casinos near me in Elora

Elora, a charming village in Ontario, Canada, offers a delightful blend of entertainment, natural beauty, and the thrill of land-based casinos. Nestled along the picturesque Grand River, this enchanting destination beckons visitors with its captivating attractions. Let's explore the diverse entertainment options, embrace the wonders of nature, and discover the allure of land-based casinos in Elora.


Elora, Canada, is home to the Grand River Raceway, a gaming and entertainment venue that offers standardbred horse racing, slots, and dining options. While it includes slot machines, it's not a traditional casino with table games.

The legal gambling age for visitors to the Grand River Raceway in Elora, Canada, is typically 19 years old. Guests must provide valid identification to confirm their age when engaging in gaming activities.

In addition to horse racing and slots, the Grand River Raceway offers dining options and occasional special events. It's a popular destination for those interested in horse racing and gaming.