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Slots About Circus

When the circus comes to town, you never know what you'll see—acrobats and freaks, lion tamers and elephants, for example. Since more than a century ago, we have grown accustomed to the contemporary style of these itinerant entertainers, which includes a ringmaster with animals, individuals with uncommon talents, and occasionally even some humor - all with a little music thrown in to establish the mood.

It makes sense for online casino companies to want to incorporate these events as a motif for their slot machines because so many people enjoy circuses, both as youngsters and as adults spending time with their family. With such a wide variety of visuals that so many people are familiar with, game developers have a lot of possibilities when building these slots. And although seeing one of these shows might leave you with some priceless memories, playing these slots can provide you jackpots and a ton of other fantastic prizes, which are even better.

Right on Up

At your usual big top performance, there are a ton of attractions, and you can anticipate seeing the whole range of them in slots with this theme. The majority of these games have lively, brilliant colors and joyful music, which may or may not include some of the most well-known songs currently connected to circuses.

Numerous classic symbols also fit this concept perfectly. On the screen, you'll see creatures like lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!) pulling off all kinds of tricks. The human performers, who you could see on the high wire, dressing up as clowns, or breathing fire, also have plenty of room.

The Best Show in the World

There are many different games available if you wish to play an online slot machine with this theme. Even while this isn't the most common theme backdrop in the business, many developers have at least one computer that falls under this category. The options below are some of our favorites, but there are a ton more available for you to choose.

  • The Twisted Circus (Microgaming) is a truly twisted take on this idea that emphasizes the most unsettling facets of these wandering troupes if you're searching for something a little different. Anyone who experienced dreams about spooky clowns as a child will be frightened by the combination of freaks, some rather unsettling-looking animals, and dark, ominous music. It's not all terrifying, though, because the 243-way structure lets you win on any left-to-right matching combination.

  • Circus Brilliant (EGT): This machine is exactly as brilliant as its name suggests, with its vivid purple colors highlighting the fun theme. Matching clowns, bears, seals, and other characters while listening to big top music will keep you engaged. We really appreciate the free spins feature, which is activated when five consecutive winning paylines are hit, rather than by the scatter symbol or some other combination.

  • The five-reel, 15-payline slot machine known as 5 Reel Circus (Rival) has a more traditional approach to the topic. You'll watch reels with vintage clowns, screaming lions, contortionists, and the always popular bears riding unicycles. You'll be seeking free spins, each of which comes with a 3x multiplier intended to increase your wins, against the background of a joyful throng.

  • Happy Circus (Topgame) features a lot of cartoony and kid-friendly graphics, especially when it comes to figures like the elephant and the strong guy, which seem like they could have been created by a little child (albeit a very talented one). This game is worth returning to repeatedly because of the wild clowns, free spins, and "Hidden Secrets" bonus game that liven up the action.