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6-reel slots

For over a century, slot machines have been developed in two main formats. There are 3-reel slots for all the standard games that are still played today in electronic form in brick-and-mortar casinos. The most popular form these days are the 5-reel slots, which offer more options and special features and are often presented as video slots.

Some developers are experimenting with alternate formats to give players alternatives to the two variants. One idea is a 6-reel slot machine that gives players and casino operators more options in previously unknown areas.

An additional reel that offers numerous possibilities

The number of symbols and rows found on a slot machine doesn't mean very much to players. After all, the goal is always the same: to find identical combinations that run from left to right across one or more paylines. For many players that is enough, and they do not want to deal with details. As long as the slot tells you when you've won, you're happy to play.

In reality, however, the number of lines and reels in a game has a lot to do with playing style. Put simply, as more positions are added, developers have more room to offer options that add complexity to the game. While 3-reel slots are quite simple, 5-reel creations can seem more interesting - and for players it means a lot more entertainment at the same time.

6-reel slots go one step further and offer even more possibilities per spin. The biggest win is paid with a combination of 6 symbols in a row. This may be more difficult to achieve, but this challenge also pays out bigger wins. There are more winning options that include more paylines.

In summary, these games offer more of everything slots players love. While slots with an even number of reels (rather than three, five, or seven) may feel a little weird at first, there's no particular reason why it shouldn't work. Some companies have come up with great creations to work with these formats.

A handful of games are available online

You won't find 6-reel slots in land-based casinos, but there are quite a few in the online world. While the standard variants are more common, there are at least two game titles in this format in every game offering. Give them a try if you fancy a change.

The first game is the WMS slot known as Red Flag Fleet. This game differs in many ways, has a pirate theme with a Chinese twist and uses a "pyramid" layout. While the first reel only shows 2 symbols, this expands with each adjacent reel. Thus, the sixth reel has 7 positions. The game uses an "All Ways" format and can therefore be played with 192 lines in each game round. There are plenty of stacked symbols and players have the opportunity to win big on every spin.


Next up is Germinator, a game by Microgaming. Whilst being sick is never fun, the bacteria in the slot are quite cute and you'll be happy to see them on screen as they bring loads of wins. With a 6x6 layout and a "Medi Bonus Round" there are cascading wins. The game is suitable for anyone who prefers a unique design combined with a traditional on-screen layout.

We cannot promise that more 6-reel slots will appear in internet casinos in the future. Just as these games don't show any disadvantages compared to the usual variants, there aren't many advantages either and developers are likely to stick with the well-known formats because they require less work. But if you're looking for a change, then you should take a look at the format. Perhaps the larger playing area offers you more fun and action than you are used to from normal games.